Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Jizz Strip

Jizz It!

Lucy Pinder

Jizz It!

Rosa Acosta

Jizz It!

Jizz Link

Baby animals. 
(cause we all love cute things)

Brittany Daniel Threesome Sex Video. 
(Fuck Yeah!)

Evolution of video games. 
(History class for nerds)

This goth girl is fucking hot! 

144-person beer bong 
(the only ingredient missing is hot naked babes)

Oral sex gives cancer!;

A lot of hot Asian pictures.;
(gotta love your asians)

messed up Porn Star interviews.;
(we know, we don't care about a porn star's past but some time is fun to know)

Old sexist adds.;
(from good old times, when men were on control, and feminism was considered a crime)

Funny bad parenting pictures.;
(you laugh, but at the end you have to hate the parents)

Lacey Banghard

Jizz It!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Jizz Links

The 15 Sexiest Celebrity Stoner Girls. (and smoking makes them even sexier)

Just a picture of a cute girl. (and she is asian)

Mom's laugh scare baby. (I would crap my diapers to if my mom laugh like a retard mule on crack)

Some how this actors aren't funny anymore. (they should start smoking weed)

Engineering + Porn = Fucking Machines. (The primitive state of Fuck Robots)

Whitney Port Upskirt (Upskirt are always good)

Trance music on guitar (played by Raiden from Mortal Kombat)

Was kennedy killed because of aliens? (shit! anything is possible)

Fucking ugly Dogs (they should be put to sleep...fucking hate them)

This grandpa is awesome (His viagra is working)

The Harley Davidson culture (so wrong....)

He dared ask the question. (and my answer is... cause God made it awesome)

Cool Pet! (nobody is going to steal at his house)

Fashion NipSlip compilation (beautiful)

Worst Blow Job Ever! (with salad!)

Ever wonder how African porn looks like?

Ever wonder how African porn looks like?

Disney princess for the big kids. (this princess would make a Disney movie that wont suck)
Mortal Kombat Legacy
ep2: Jax, Sonya and Kano

Jizz Vid

Mortal Kombat Legacy
ep1: Jax, Sonya and Kano

They launched a new 10 short episode series of Mortal Kombat; the old, well known video games series. I have to admit I was a little skeptical about this episodes but after I saw the first and second episode I have to say they are looking really good. It suppose to be like an introduction to the characters of the looong series of Mortal Kombat games. Some people though it was a introductory series to an upcoming movie. I don't think there will be a Mortal Kombat movie following this series but I wont deny I like that idea. The 10 episodes will be posted on the blog as they get published. Enjoy!

Jizz Games

Nothing like the classics!

Jizz Strip

Jizz It!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Jizz Game

Fucking awesome game about ninjas!

Jizz Strip!

Jizz It!

Jizz Links

A few awesome pranks.

The Saga of Biorn. (amazing animated short film)

X-Men first class latest trailer. (Looks Promising)

The must fucked up game show ever! (Only in Japan)

Duke Nukem forever! (Drugs, Alcohol, Weapons, Strippers, boobs, what more you need on a game?)

PETA protest make me want to eat animals. (So I can see more of them)

Ballet never looked so good.

Dancing like a retard (some cultures are just weird)

Awesome exam answers. (I give A to all of them)

Freak thinks he's cool (He even appeared on a lady gaga video...and that's not cool)

History of porn (We were horny since the beginnings)

Who is going to be the next porn star for Charlie Sheen? (poor people are addicted to porn, rich people are addicted to porn stars)

Great documentary about the porn industries (Uncensored)

Hilarius Porn Video (with pterodactyls)

Collage girls being naughty! (young and sexy...)

Jizz Tutorials

Because porn on the way is always GOOD!

Jizz Strip

Jizz It!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Jizz Links

Jennifer Aniston or Brooklyn Decker (personally I would Jizz on both)

I would put more than 1$ on this strippers (not really, I'm a cheap guy)

I don't know who Jona Jordan is but I would Jizz on her face any day

How a perfect girlfriend looks like (except for the last two)

Finger art (It's fucking cool)

The way she plays with her barbie dolls... (There most be something wrong in her head)

Asian people are the weirdest (Diet Water...really?)

Katy Perry ass grabbed (Nice!)

Haaa! the benefits of being a man

Identical twins don't have the same finger prints (little drops of knowledge)

Geeky looking babe showing everything

Girls have to pay for collage some how (and what better way than porn)

Celebrities aren't perfect (...who knew?)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Movie Jizz

        So the other day I went to see Your Highness really really high. I have to say, this movie is fucking hilarious; but I admit its only funny if you see it high. This movie was made for people who loves to smoke. So if you don't smoke weed cause you are a goodie two shoes pussy boy that thinks marijuana is evil, well you wont enjoy it that much. But you can still enjoy Natalie Portman's hot ass even though I heard that part was made by a double; wish I refuse to believe. The story line is not the most brilliant and some things are kind of predictable. The jokes well ... some are original, some are not, others are kinda gay but in the end they are well put together to bring a good excuse to smoke some pot and laugh at a movie really high and that's why I give this movie: